Hooded Merganser with chicks

We found a female Hooded Merganser with 10 chicks on a local Arden Hills pond.  She is quite protective as any mother would be, but laying still in the weeds brought them up close.  These little guys should be here for a few days, so I’ll try for some more...

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Whooping Cranes in Minnesota

The tallest bird in North America, the Whooping Crane was once at the brink of extinction. It is making a steady recovery thanks to intensive management efforts in Canada and the United States, and as of December 2004, 468 Whooping Cranes existed in the wild and in...

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Spring Babies

We have been watching a Canada Goose nest for weeks on our walks and this week finally saw it empty.  The mom was sitting by a small lake behind the house and we watched her for a while to see if she had chicks with her. After a while, she stood up exposing 3...

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Mourning Warbler with morning coffee

A small warbler wave came thru the yard this morning while we were having coffee.  Highlights were a Canada Warbler ad this Mourning Warbler.  Actually Tina went back out into the yard later with her camera and patiently waited for him to surface.  I’m...

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Backyard Photography

Tina decided to pick up the 70-200mm lens the other day while sitting in her garden.  She had seen various bird species come thru the yard and her garden is really beginning to look beautiful.  Visitors included our Ruby-throated Hummingbird, an Indigo...

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Baby Great Horned Owl

Today was all about cuteness.  I took one of my cute granddaughters to help release a cute baby Great Horned Owl and also saw a pretty cute mini horse in the process.  The Raptor Center received a 8-week old GHOW yesterday that was deemed fit and I was asked...

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Today was one of those really special days.  I was able to bird & ‘wander’ the TCAAP grounds for 4 hours.  The property is amazing and could be a real treasure to Ramsey County and the Twin Cities Metropolitan area. The Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant...

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Baltimore Orioles in the backyard

A great week observing spring bird migration.  One of the backyard highlights were 5 Baltimore Orioles that arrived Tuesday and are still here.  Tina filled the grape jelly containers, cut up some oranges and bought some mealworms (Offering mealworms to...

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