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Apr 16, 2008 | Birding

Wilson-20080415-62.jpgYesterday (April 15th), brought numerous great birding moments, starting with Kinglets and Yellow-rumped warblers on our morning walk. Back in the office, we watched a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker working the silver maple. A flock of Purple Finches on a feeder as well as a Hairy and Brown Creeper by the deck. I finally had to pull myself away from the window and go to work at the bike shop.

Wilson-20080415-177.jpgBefore I could leave the neighborhood though, a hawk flew past my car and landed at the corner of Harriet and Pine Tree Lane. I did have my camera with me, as I had planned to look for ducks on my way to work. I jumped out of the car to shoot a shot or 2, but instead enjoyed watching the hawk try numerous times to pick a squirrel off the side of a tree. He spent over 4 minutes trying to catch a squirrel with me snapping away pictures.

Wilson-20080415-205.jpgMy morning fun ended with a first sighting of a pair of Horned Grebe’s in a flooded sand pit near the bike shop. Also saw several pair of Loons hiding from the strong southern breeze blowing sand. Reports have up to 60 Loons on a given lake waiting to fly north.

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