Bluebird Monitoring

Aug 28, 2023 | Birding

Location: North Oaks Golf Course, North Oaks, MN

Dates: May-August 2023

We have just concluded a very successful Bluebird Monitoring season in North Oaks. The NOGC was kind enough to host 10 birdhouses on the golf course grounds.  The birdhouses were monitored weekly from April through early August.  This provided a weekly count of nests, eggs, hatchlings and fledglings.

2023 NOGC Results:

The 10 nest boxes resulted in 9 successful broods with bluebird eggs.  Most of the broods/nests included 4-5 blue eggs. 1 brood contained white eggs, while 2 broods resulted in 6 eggs.

The program resulted in approx. 42-45 new Bluebirds.

History of the Bluebird Recovery Program of Minnesota

Bluebird populations declined greatly from the 1930s to the 1960s. The cause was habitat loss and competition from other cavity-nesting birds, especially starlings and house sparrows. The Bluebird Recovery Program of Minnesota partnered with the DNR Non-game Wildlife Program to sponsor workshops, publish education materials and promote the placement of bluebird houses to bring back this wonderful songbird. Minnesota now has one of the most successful bluebird recovery projects in the nation.


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