Pine Siskin irruption

Nov 23, 2008 | Birding

PIne Siskin irruption, Nov 2008

Pine Siskin irruption, Nov 2008

This week, the Twin Cities experienced a Pine Siskin irruption that was reported across the country.

Definition: Every winter birdwatchers hope for an irruption of boreal birds from the northern forests. This “irruption” or irregular migratory movement southward of birds that ordinarily live and breed in Canada and Alaska include glamour species such as pine and evening grosbeaks, purple finches, red and white-winged crossbills, pine siskins, common and hoary redpolls, red-breasted nuthatches, snowy owls, northern shrikes, northern goshawks and rough-legged hawks.

Watch your bird feeders this month for some fun visitors.

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