Searching for small birds

Feb 5, 2009 | Birding, Photography, Travel


Much of our trip to Peru was spent looking for very small birds in the jungle/forest. Most days, we loaded into 20’ skiffs and patrolled the back waters of the Amazon river with binoculars at the ready.  Each boat had 3 professional guides equipped with IPods and laser pointers to help in our search.  Once in a while I got lucky and actually saw the bird AND was able to get my camera on them.

Here is one of my favorite shots (so far).  I’m still working on the identification of many of the pictures and according to my notes, this is a Dark-breasted Spinetail.  He looks like the Dusky Spinetail in the book, but wrong region.  Please let me know if the ID is incorrect.

Thanks again for all of the help and patience from the ‘serious’ birders on our trip.

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