White-winged Crossbill in Arden Hills

Feb 24, 2009 | Birding

During our afternoon walk today, Biggs (our dog) ran underneath a large evergreen and spooked 5-6 birds. After a brief look, I thought I’d seen either some Pine Grosbeak or possibly White-winged Crossbills. We cut our walk a bit short, raced home for binoculars and camera and went back out. We were surprised and delighted to find 8 or 9 Crossbill working pinecones in the treetops next to our bank. This is actually my first sighting of White-winged Crossbill in Ramsey County.

Note: There have been numerous reports of sightings this winter season. Winter of 2008-2009 will be known as an invasion year for both White-winged Crossbills and Pine Siskin’s.

More pictures of Crossbill: http://picasaweb.google.com/bnwilson6624.

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