Red-shouldered Hawk Release

Nov 6, 2009 | Birding

Terry (head of the Thursday flight crew) and I drove a Red-shouldered Hawk out to Elk River for a release yesterday afternoon.  The bird was rescued at the end of September after hitting a car on a county road north of the cities.  The clinic vets were pretty sure that he wouldn’t make it as he was discharging a lot of blood from his mouth when he was brought in.  For some reason, they gave him a couple of days to see if he would recover and we got lucky.  Adult Red-shouldered are fairly rare in our clinic and a really beautiful bird to see up close.

We called the family that had originally found the bird and offered them the chance to help with the release.  Pictures of the event are posted at

Red-shouldered hawk Release Red-shouldered hawk Release

 Red-shouldered hawk Release Red-shouldered hawk Release

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