1st Eagle Release

Jan 5, 2010 | Raptor Center

Today was a very special day.. even better than all my other special days.  It started with a up close and personal view of a Northern Hawk Owl.  A bird of northern Canadian boreal forests, the Northern Hawk Owl is distinctive among owls for its morphology and behavior. In winters of food scarcity, it irrupts southward into southern Canada and the northern United States.

Northern-HawkOwl Northern-HawkOwl-2

I then watched our Snowy Owl get eye drops…..


I then drove 2 hours to Wabasha, MN to release my first eagle and attend a class on identifying Golden Eagles.  The power in these birds… even a small male like this juvenile, is quite amazing.  We were a bit spooked as he turned and headed back towards town, instead of out over the Mississippi River, but he should do fine.

release release-2 release-3 release-4

I finished off the day (before the 2 hour drive home) with a great view of a Golden Eagle working a wooded area in western Wisconsin…. sorry, no pictures.  I was too busy watching him thru my new scope.

Even if birds aren’t your thing… you have to admit… this was just a bit spectacular.

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