Bald Eagle rescued from a chimney (and 1st ride in a bucket)

Aug 11, 2010 | Raptor Center

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At about 9:00 this morning, I rec’d a call about a Bald Eagle stuck on a chimney in south Minneapolis. The Raptor Center was concerned about us climbing on a roof, so we were asked to let the Fire Department or Animal Control take the call.  Terry and I persisted and promised that we would only consult from the ground and would be available if the authorities needed us.

Upon arriving at Abbott and 38th St, we were informed by a Minneapolis Fire Marshall that he had a bucket truck in route from Fire Station 4 and that they would be willing to help us in the rescue.


After climbing in the bucket, Terry and I were hoisted above a 2-story house where we found a young first year Bald Eagle with his leg trapped between two chimney flues.  While I held the bird still and the fireman used a pry-bar on the chimney cap, Terry was able to free the talons from the wire mesh covering the chimney.


Initial exams at the Raptor Center show that the bird had a large open wound and had broken his leg in 2 places.  The eagle probably damaged his leg trying to free himself from the roof-top.  X-rays also revealed that he has a fish hook in his gut.

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