Goshawk in the Yard

Nov 9, 2010 | Raptor Center

Sunday afternoon, I had an unusual experience.  While walking the dog in Crepeau Park, I cam across a young man wearing a single Falconer’s glove and whistling up to the trees.  Turns out is name is Jeff Redig, son of Pat Redig, founder of the Raptor Center, and he was flying and training a young Goshawk.  The bird was sitting up in one of our backyard trees and Jeff was baiting him to fly back down to the glove.  With a promise of food, the bird finally landed on the ground and Jeff was able to get him back under control.  This was the first Goshawk I’ve ever seen and first time I had witnessed falconry.  I invited the young men to come back anytime to help thin out some of our squirrel population.

Redig's GoshawkJeff's Goshawk

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