Casa Maria–The Bug’s (and Bird’s) Paradise

Feb 13, 2011 | Travel

Casa Marie was founded by Norbert and Gabriele (Gabby) Flauger, originally from Berlin, Germany.  Casa Maria has six bedrooms, including two in adjoining bungalows, all with in suite bathrooms and hot/cold water. There are two butterfly houses and several small terrariums, backed by a very respectable nursery garden that functions in support of the serious research on the local the butterfly and beetle population carried out at Casa Maria. In the 5-acre garden, home to over 200 species of plants, there is also a swimming pool and a jacuzzi.

The house and grounds are located in the Venezuelan coastal mountain range, the "cordillera de la costa", at some 760 metres, about 2,500 feet, above sea level. It is about three hours by car from the capital, Caracas, and about 1 hour by car from the Caribbean itself.

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