#795–Snowy Owl

Nov 20, 2011 | Personal

At 1:00pm today, I rec’d an email that stated:

Subject: Snowy Owl in North Saint Paul
From: Abrahm Simons
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2011 12:14:47 -0600

I was just out taking a walk in the North Saint Paul Urban Ecology Center
(north of County Rd B and to the west of the corner of B and McKnight) and
saw a Snowy Owl. It was first seen in the north end of the center (near 36)
flying south being mobbed by crows. I then saw it on the south end of the
center (near Cty Rd B) on the Gateway Trail. It was scared off by a jogger
and landed on a bus at the edge of the Center's land. It was last seen
hopping from bus to bus northwards, mobbed by a pair of crows .

By 1:30, I was shooting pictures of this beautiful bird sitting on top of a school bus. Even though I have flown Snowy Owls with the Raptor Center, this is still a life bird as it is the first time I’ve seen one on the wild.

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