Hawks & Unidentified Songbird

Feb 24, 2012 | Birding

Tina and I hiked Lost Maples State Natural Area north of Vanderpool, Texas yesterday. It is a beautiful park with rocky climbs and several creeks and canyons.  One of the highlights of the day was watching two Red-tailed Hawks using the thermals to soar along the bluffs.

Red-tailed Hawk

One of the frustrating (& fun) things about the day was hearing and seeing a bird up close and not being able to identify it.  We watched this guy for several minutes singing in open grassland and even with pictures, I am unable to ID him.  Any help from my birding friends?


Long (rusty?) tail, white eye ring, faint rusty stripes on top of head.  We never did see his back which might have helped with the id, loud singing somewhat like a Song Sparrow.

2/25/2012 Update: Birding friend Linda and my birding mother Priscilla both voted Rufous-crowned Sparrow.  Another Lifer!!!

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