Last visit to Cibolo Nature Park

Apr 20, 2012 | Birding

We’re leaving Texas tomorrow and I decided to hike Cibolo Park one last time.  We’ve seen 97 species on this trip and thought it’d be fun to reach 100.  After scanning the feeders and the creek, I hiked through some head high thistle.  Hearing a faint chip, I stood quietly waiting for some one or something to display itself.  A flash of blue made my brain think Indigo Bunting.  I slowly raised my binoculars on a distant bird and saw brown primary feathers (wings) and a large silver beak.  I knew it was a new bird for this trip, but my feeble brain would not identify what I was seeing.  Next, a bird dressed in brown flew into the picture and I assumed that I had a pair.  I slowly followed them until I could fire off some decent shots before loosing them again in the brush.


I actually stopped a pair of birders and asked “Indio with brown wings?” and they responded “Blue Grosbeak”!  Of course, I know that.  #98 for the trip.

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