My son brought this image to my attention last Saturday.  Marcel thought it looked like my friend Terry.  We then set out for a bit of detective work to see where it came from.

Terry & baeg

Last week, an image of Terry appeared on a site called > ttp://

The source was listed as >

We wondered where had the original image had come from and discovered it had been posted on April 2013 >

Wired had found it on a local site in Mora:  (The original)

The photographer was Kirsten Blake of the Kanabec County Times

After we found the original, we went back and asked Google where else it appears on the net and found it in numerous other places including, and It is also posted all over Facebook. image search results

Fun to see how an image floats around the internet.

More images from the rescue on April (15th), 2013 in Mora Minnesota