Timeline of David Wilson’s Life

Mar 12, 2018 | Ancestry, Family

David Wilson

Born: 1820, Kentucky
Died: July 19, 1898, Mulhall Town, Loga County, Oklahoma Territory.

My great great grandfather.

David Wilson

BIRTH ~1820 • Kentucky, USA

DEATH 19 JULY 1898 • Mulhall Town, Logan, Oklahoma Territory

My 2nd great-grandfather

BirthDavid Wilsonabt 1820KentuckyParents unknown
BirthJane D Rowdenabt 1824Jersey County, Illinois
BirthCharlotte Durham Fidlerabt 1840Jackson County, Indiana
MarriageJane D RowdenMar 23 1845Miller County, Missiouri
BirthMelissa AFeb 1846Miller County, Missiouri
BirthJames Sabt 1848Pulaski, Missiouri
ResidenceDavid et alOct 7 1850District 72, Pulaski, Missiouri
BirthMary JaneSept 8, 1851District 72, Pulaski, Missiouri
BirthWilliam Washingtonabt 1853District 72, Pulaski, Missiouri
ResidenceDavid et alApril 3, 1856Bates County, 40 acres in Section 20, Twn 39, Range 32
Civil WarMay 4, 1858Bates County, MO. 500 Free Staters Raid Bates County
Civil WarMay 19, 1858Bates County, MO, Pro Slavers raid and kill Marais des Cygnes Massacre of five Free State men
BirthSarah L Wilsonabt 1859Charlotte, Bates, Mo
ResidenceDavid, et alJune 21, 1860Charlotte, Bates, Mo40 acres in Section 20, Twn 39, Range 32, Charlotte, Bates, Missouri, 1860 Census
MilitaryDavidFeb 24, 1862Enlisted in the Union Army, Ft Scott, Bourbon, Kansas
BirthJohn D Wilsonearly 1862Kansas
DeathJane RowdenMarch 25, 1862death of David's 1st wife
MilitaryDavidMarch 10, 1863Assigned as orderly to Chaplian HD FisherHelena, Arkansas,
MilitaryDavidMarch 29, 1863Sibley, MO, Sam Gaty IncidentThe Sam Gaty Steamer attacked by Poole, Gregg, Cole Younger, Scott, John Ross, William Greenwood, Jarrette and others
MilitaryDavidMay 13, 1863Leavenworth, KS, Report to Leut. Young, Recruiting Officer
MilitaryDavidNov 2 1864Transferred to Company K
MarriageMelissa A WilsonJan 5, 1865married Frederick Pipher, Jefferson County, KS
MilitaryDavidFeb 22, 1865Discharged
ResidenceDavid and kidsJune 12, 1865Ozawkie Twp, Jefferson Cty, Kansas. Living with Melissa and Fred Pipher
MarriageCharlotte Durham FidlerJan 25 1866Jefferson County, Kansas, Book A, Page 91
BirthEveline Wilsonabt 1868Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas
BirthCurtis WilsonFeb 1870Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas
BirthAddaline Wilsonabt 1870Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas
DeathAddaline WilsonApril 12, 1870Wilmington, Wabaunsee, KansasHarveyville Cemetery
ResidenceDavid, et alJune 10 1870Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas
BirthEdward Wilsonabt 1871Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas
DeathEveline WilsonSept 16, 1872Wilmington, Wabaunsee, KansasHarveyville Cemetery
DeathCurtis WilsonNov 12 1872Wilmington, Wabaunsee, KansasHarveyville Cemetery
DeathEdward WilsonApril 29, 1873Wilmington, Wabaunsee, KansasHarveyville Cemetery
BirthFrederick Wilsonabt 1874Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas
DeathWilliam WashingtonMarch 20, 1874Wilmington, Wabaunsee, KansasHarveyville Cemetery
ResidenceDavid, et alMarch 1875Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas
BirthElmer WilsonMay 15, 1877Wilmington, Wabaunsee, KansasGreat Grandfather
BirthNellie MayDec 12, 1882Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas
ResidenceDavid, et alJune 1, 1880Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas
ResidenceDavid, et alMar 1, 1885Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas
MilitaryDavidApril 29, 1887Rec'd $4.00/month pension
Davidabt 18905'9", 138 lbs.
MilitaryDavidFeb 4, 1891Rec'd $17/month pension
ResidenceDavid & CharlotteFeb 25, 1896Mulhall Town, Logan County, OK, Purchased 50'x140'
ResidenceDavidJune 1, 1898Transffered property to Fred and Melissa Pipher
DeathDavid WilsonJuly 19, 1898Roselawn Cemetery, Mulhall Town, Logan County Oklahoma
BuriedDavid WilsonJuly 1898Roselawn Cemetery, Mulhall Logan County Oklahoma, USA
DeathFrederick Wilsonbefore 1900unknown
DeathNellie Mayunknown
DeathMary Jane WilsonSeptember 6, 1902Mountain Home, Baxter, Arkansas
DeathCharlotteJanuary 7, 1908Mulhall Town, Logan County, OK
DeathElmer WilsonMay 21, 1939Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas

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