Beautiful Grandkids

These images are from a beautiful photo shoot that Christy did for Phaedra and Marcel.  Visit Christy’s Facebook site for more: Zander and Izzy

David Wilson (1820-1898)

My great great grandfather David Wilson (1820-1898) survived the Civil War and the death of his 1st wife in the 1860’s.  In 1866 he remarried to start a new life, only to lose his oldest son William (age 21) and 4 babies between 1870 and 1874. My father and I...

Camping with Mary and Warren

I spent the week camping in northern Wisconsin with my sister Mary and nephew Warren.  We dropped niece Nora at camp last weekend, but Warren’s camp didn’t start till Thursday, so we got a free week to hike and Geo-cache.

Zander Graduates from Kindergarten

Zander graduated kindergarten at Little Voyageurs’ Montessori School this week. Most kids leave Montessori after pre-school for public school kindergarten.  These 6 kids did an extra year at LVMS and their math and reading levels really show amazing...

Spring Birthdays

All 3 grandchildren had birthdays this spring. Zander celebrated 6 years, Izzy celebrated her 2nd year,  (she was embarrassed when we sang to her) and Aurora turned 1