Aurora at Dance Class

Rory saw her cousin Izzy dancing last spring and asked if she could try it.  This fall she is learning dance once a week at a local dance school.

Kansas City

Quick trip to Kansas City at the end of June.  My brother was visiting my mom as she prepares her new apartment.  Tim rode from Oregon to KC on a 800cc BMW and spent a week helping mom pack.  We were able to visit the new space and cool down with a pool...

Mother’s Day

4 generations for Mother’s Day.  My mom and aunt Pam, Tina, Phaedra and Christy and finally, Izzy, Rory and Teegan.  To top off the evening, Christy’s folks and sister arrived from Indiana for a surprise visit. Taking a walk with Rory and Izzy….

Easter 2012

This year Easter was spent hiking and exploring with my wife.  We hiked Kreutzberg Canyon and Crownridge Canyon Natural Areas birding and enjoying the end of wild flower season.  Many of the hilltops outside of San Antonio have been scraped cleaned and...

Texas 2012–The Ranch

This winter we swapped shoveling snow for (in part) feeding farm animals.  Twice a day, we feed 2 goats, 5 donkeys and 4 horses.  Luckily, we don’t have to shovel manure.  Here are some shots of Tina enjoying 80+ degree weather. {More images at...