TCAAP is open

The Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant (TCAAP) was listed in 2005 as one of the worst places on earth by  Construction on Twin Cities AAP began in August 1941, and production started in February 1942. During WW II, the plant produced more than 4 billion...

Backyard Project

Another project that is in the works, is the creation of a new landscaped backyard. We plan to build a bird/wildlife friendly area full of colors, scents and bird feeders.  This week, we finished the layout with rocks, mulch and a new patio extension.  Now we start...

New landscaping begins

With the removal of buckthorn on both our property and that of our corporate neighbor, we needed to start growing some new trees and brush for the wildlife and to help block the view of the parking lot at Country Insurance. Rather than wait till spring, we decided to...

Spring is just around the corner

Spring must be just around the corner. Today, I had 2 firsts…. my first road bike ride of 2007… a long 58 miles to Eden Prairie and back. Another sign: we have a new orchid with almost 40 blooms on it and the first bloom opened today.

Winter finally dumps

We have just had back to back storms dumping about 8 inchhes last week and 20 inches this week. Very pretty and very heavy. The biking sucks, but we really needed the moisture.