Christmas Bird Count 2014

Today was the 114th annual Christmas Bird Count.  St. Paul Audubon Society has been actively participating for decades and this was my 4th or 5th year.  After a cold morning exploring our ‘circle’ of parks and open spaces in St. Paul, I decided to add in a...

Cooper’s Hawk in front yard

Our newest neighbor was in the front yard again today, probably looking for lunch.  He seems to work all of the yards with bird feeders looking for slow Sparrows or Juncos.

Backyard Visitor

One of our summer residents has returned to the backyard.  For the past several years, we have had a nesting pair of Cooper’s Hawks in the Crepeau Nature Preserve.   Today, one of the Coop’s paid a visit to the yard and our feeders. Among the bird...

Cooper’s have hatched

Mama Cooper’s Hawk has hatched her eggs behind our house.  She now gets to sit up on the edge of the nest rather than spending all of her time on the eggs.  We have not seen the hatchlings yet, but should any day now.