Birding in Napa

Feb 28, 2008 | Birding, Travel

wilson-20080218-57.jpgOne of the highlights of our California trip last week was some fantastic birding. While Tina and friends tasted wines from several Napa vineyards, I walked the grounds looking for birds to photograph. I added several new species to my life list such as the Acorn and Nuttall Woodpeckers and the Anna’s Hummingbird. Next week, I will be playing with my first video files of the hummingbird and hope to post some of the video on YouTube. In the mean time, I cobbled some of the still images together in a quick view of this darling bird in my first home made video.

With help from local Minnesota birders and my Mom, I have identified all of the birds I saw last week, or at least those that I have images for. Check out the Picassa Gallery, if you have any interest in bird images.

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