New Back Yard Visitor

Mar 4, 2008 | Birding


This morning as we started our morning walk with Biggs, we were startled to see a hawk fly from the rear of our yard higher into a tree on the Country Financial land. He sat for 45 minutes or more watching us and especially Biggs. We assumed h/she was someone young, but had difficulty identifying him, even after shooting pictures and zooming in on them on the computer monitor. I posted a note with pictures out to the Minnesota Ornithologists’ Union and 6 out of 7 responses, figured it to be an immature Red-tailed Hawk.

As these are some of the best birders in the state and they helped us see markings that we couldn’t identify.

For instance, one email stated “To me it looks like an immy red-tail. Got the beginning of a belly band. Head looks right proportion (not small as would be for rough-legged, there is no reddish barring on breast and small reddish shoulder which would indicate red-shouldered. I think you’ve got a youngster there!”.

Another said “Look at the banded tail (immature) and the belly band (Red-tailed Hawk)”.

Banded tail? Belly Band?? We have a lot to learn. Thanks to all MOU members that responded.

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