A visit with Zander and Izzy

Apr 24, 2008 | Family

Last Sunday, Marcel and family came for dinner capping off a beautiful, sunny Sunday. I spent some quality couch time with Izzy and after dinner, Zander and I walked a mile around the Country grounds. The grand kids are growing quickly and a whole lot of fun to watch develop. Zander is really enjoying his new role as big brother and Izzy changes daily in her expressions and sounds.

If any one is interested in pictures of the kids, Marcel and Phaedra had portraits of the two taken last weekend. You can view the images at http://www.smilesbywire.com, using a login of PHAEDRA WILSON and LTPP0308121491JCP. We are still trying to decide which mix of images to add to my family wall.

Tomorrow we have a dinner and silent auction at Z’s school to help raise funds forthe school. Stop back for pictures (if I don’t get stuck at work).

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