Sunny Sunday

Apr 20, 2008 | Birding

Finally, a sunny day with temps above 60 degrees. I got in a 36 mile bike ride with the TCBC around White Bear and Bald Eagle and my first pinch flat in months… Damm potholes. On the way home, I passed Vadnais Lake and a birder had spotted Grebes, Terns and Ruddy Ducks. As the Ruddy is missing from my life list, I finished my ride, grabbed the binocs and camera and drove back over to Vadnais.

Wilson-20080420-17.jpgThe pelicans are still present but in much smaller numbers and 1,000’s of cormmerants were on the north end of the lake. We stopped on the south end to take some pics and saw loons, Horned Grebe’s, a lone Pied-billed Grebe, a pair of Kingfishers, several GB Herons, Terns (we guess Forster’s), and our first pair of Ruddy Ducks.

On the way home, we decided to stop by Marsden Lake and were treated to our first pair of Trumpeter Swans of the year. A woman from the neighborhood, told us that she had seen “many” early that morning. We’ll have to stop back by either early or late in the day.

Wilson-20080420-131.jpgAfter I dropped Tina at home, I decided to stop by the Osprey platform on C2 @ Lexington, and was treated to a real show. 2 Osprey were at the nest and then decided to fly off for some fishing. Upon returning (with a large fish), a 3rd bird tried to join them, or steal the fish, or invite himself to dinner. After much noise and rearranging of the chairs, the bird with the fish returned, but was greeted once again by a loud neighbor. The nesting pair (I assume), finally flew off with the fish, to enjoy it somewhere else. Wish I’d had a video camera.

p.s. Saw a Ring-necked duck upon leaving. It is great to be able to sit outside without a jacket for a change. <More pictures>

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