Breakfast at the Wilson's

Apr 2, 2008 | Birding

Wilson-20080402-47.jpgWe really do believe that this gal stops by every morning and we are just lucky some mornings to see her. Today, we had just put out new suet, walked inside and saw her back in a tree. After we were inside, she flew to the log, ate for less than 2 minutes and flew. To see her EVERY day, I wouldn’t be able to leave my office window.

Also, my new camera was set on 800 ISO instead of a nice lower number, and I shot thru a dirty window. We this new high speed rig (Canon 20D), I shot 32 images in about 1 minute… Very scary as to how fast I can accumulate images… and how close up, I can get. More images at Picasa Web Album.

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