Birds, Babies and Birthdays

Apr 3, 2008 | Family

Wilson-20080329-218.jpgThe weekend of March 28-31 found much of the Wilson clan gathered in Arden Hills for a celebration of birthdays (Priscilla – 77, Christy – 25, Zander – 4), the birth of Isabelle Wilson to Marcel and Phaedra and some early spring birding. Mom and Dad flew up from KC and brought young niece Nora with for the weekend. Jeff was able to visit from Orlando and brought his lovely new girl friend Christy. Christy currently works for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, but may soon be working for the Secret Service.

Mom and I were able to do some birding along the Minnesota River logging several ducks, eagles and herons. We also met Jeff (Fisher) of

Jeff’s friend Kristian came down from Duluth to visit for a couple of days also. The ‘kids’ spent a day riding the lightrail to the Mall of America. Highlights included a round of Mini Golf.

Wilson-20080329-93.jpgSaturday night included a birthday celebration for Pris, Christy, Zander and Izzy. Turns out Christy and Izzy share March 17th for their birthday. It was really great to have so much of the family gathered around for stories and laughter. We shared some stories with our newest member Christy, but we’ll hold off the good stuff till later.

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