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Apr 30, 2008 | Family, Personal


For several years, I have wanted to find a cool online way to track family genealogy, both forwards and backwards. My son Jeff reminded me of a site titled, that is quite cool and does a fairly good job of laying out genealogy. Last night I dug out a book of notes and papers that my mother had pulled together and began the fun task of entering names, birth dates, etc. for some 200 relatives. I’m really not sure what we’ll have when I’m done, but the “Family Tree” is large and fun to look at. We have relatives listed from 1436 in England (Sir James Hobart, my 11th great grandfather); notes of the first Hobart’s to land in Boston in the early 1600’s (Peter and family); and even Tina’s great grandfather, Casper Ferdinand Guse (1850-1923)

My mom is putting the finishing touches on a biography of her maternal grandmother, Mrs. Minnie Warren Hobart (1859-1949). The book is full of great stories from Texas and Vermont, mostly between the late 1800’s and 1930’s. I haven’t even started on my Dad’s side and have asked him if he wants to help. It is rumored that he has a relative that rode with the Dalton gang in Kansas…. more fun stories.

If you are family and you want to help with this project, let me know and I’ll send you a link. Otherwise, go to and start your own family tree.

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