Morning Walk

Apr 10, 2008 | Birding

This morning started out slow… a Downy, 2 House Finch and several Junco’s. It may snow tonight, so I figured everyone was hiding. Bigs and I went for our morning walk and I decided to take my new binoculars “just in case”. While walking the path, I spotted 2 ducks in a pond and made the bad assumption, it must be just a couple of Mallards. As we were still some distance and I’m testing the new new binocs, I zoomed in on the ducks and to my surprise, saw my first Wood Ducks of the season. Never assume.

Wilson-20080410-54.jpgWilson-20080410-59.jpgI decided to walk Biggs back to the house and get the camera. I set up behind a tree across the pond and while I was taking several shots of the male, I noticed a disturbance in the water. It must be either a beaver or a muskrat. As we haven’t seen any sign of beavers cutting trees in Crepeau, I’m pretty certain that we have a muskrat living in the base of a tree that just happens to have a wood duck house in it.

Wilson-20080411-158.jpgFor more shots of our new neighbor, check out the web album.

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