Strangest bird – The Hoatzin

Feb 13, 2009 | Birding, Photography, Travel


Today, I’m back on the road to a bird festival in northern Minnesota.  Temps are predicted to be about 2-20 degrees for the weekend and I’ll be using a small camper for sleeping and hoping to see my first Great Gray Owl.  If I freeze to death in Meadowlands, MN, Tina will inherit all of my digital images.  Today’s picture is of the the Hoatzin, pronounced ‘Watson’.  Probably the strangest bird we saw during our week in Peru.

One writer wrote “One of the strangest living birds is the hoatzin, which seems to be a link with birds that became extinct millions of years ago, and even shows similarities to the first known bird Archaeopteryx.  It is generally accepted that Archaeopteryx was the world’s first bird, though it was really nothing more than a lizard with feathers.”

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