Coyotes in Como Park

Nov 30, 2009 | Photography

I stopped by Como Park this morning to see if I could find reported Cackling Geese in the midst of hundred’s of Canada Geese.  I was surprised to see about 200 geese get agitated and lift off simultaneously.  In scoping the Golf Course, I saw a coyote walking across one of the fairways, stop for water and disappear into some woods.  Later I watched a larger male scare the geese again and disappear into a small set of woods bordering the course.  In walking the woods a bit with the camera, I found what may be a den and cautiously left the area.  These guys were quite a surprise and great fun to watch, even though she looked quite beat up and mangy.

Coyote in Como Park Coyote in Como Park Getting a drink looking for her mate Dinner time Coyote den

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