Hunting for Dickcissels

Word had it that Dickcissels had been seen in Mounds View.  I grabbed the camera and made it to an empty field at the NW corner of at 694 and 35-W.  I not only found Dickcissels but also Savannah Sparrow and 36 other species.  Great morning!!

Banding American Kestrels

In June, a team from Audubon and the Raptor Center banded 5 young chicks from a American Kestrel box along the Mississippi River.  I was fortunate enough to watch from a distance at the quick procedure.

Spring Babies

Came across 2 adult and 2 quite young Killdeer in our hotel parking lot.  Spent Saturday night in Guthrie, Oklahoma on the way home and these guys were running around out back.