Booted Racket-tail

The Booted Racket-tail is one of the finest looking birds I’ve ever seen.  With it’s puffy white legs and long tennis racket tail, this hummer is unlike any creature I’ve ever seen.  This guy quickly became a favorite on our birding adventure.

Coyotes in Como Park

I stopped by Como Park this morning to see if I could find reported Cackling Geese in the midst of hundred’s of Canada Geese.  I was surprised to see about 200 geese get agitated and lift off simultaneously.  In scoping the Golf Course, I saw a coyote...

Catching the morning dew

We awoke Saturday morning with a light fog in the air and a heavy dew covering all outdoor surfaces.  The moisture was thick enough to catch on spider webs.  (Click on thumbnails)

Common Loons in Roseville

or several weeks, Tina and I have heard a loon fly overhead each morning.  This morning, I saw 3 loons on Lake Johanna while paddling a kayak. This afternoon, I went back with my camera and gently paddled back across the lake.  The adults would not let me...