Flying a Snowy Owl

I had the great fortune of flying a Snowy Owl last week for the Raptor Center.This female bird was from the Duluth region and will be returned to her area as soon as she is strong enough.  More pictures

Barred Owl Release

Last week, Terry and I drove a Barred Owl out to Lino Lakes for another successful release.  All of the hours of care and rehabilitation pay off when one of our injured birds is released back into the wild.  This little guy had hit a large front window and...

Goshawk in the Yard

Sunday afternoon, I had an unusual experience.  While walking the dog in Crepeau Park, I cam across a young man wearing a single Falconer’s glove and whistling up to the trees.  Turns out is name is Jeff Redig, son of Pat Redig, founder of the Raptor Center,...

Special Day at Carpenter Nature Center

Today was an exceptional day.  After flying 3 Red-tail Hawks, a Great Horned Owl, a Broad-winged Hawk and 2 Bald Eagles, the flight crew was given the opportunity to release two Bald Eagles over the St. Croix River.  The Raptor Center has a large number of...

Raptor Release Images

Here are several of my images from yesterday’s Raptor Release at Carpenter Nature Center.     Click on thumbnails for larger views.  Be sure to check out the faces on the children in the top right. 🙂