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The Yuval Ron Ensemble

If you live in the Kansas City area, mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 3rd – 7:00 pm, at the Lewis and Shirley White Theatre, Jewish Community...

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Texas 2012–The Ranch

This winter we swapped shoveling snow for (in part) feeding farm animals.  Twice a day, we feed 2 goats, 5 donkeys and 4 horses.  Luckily,...

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Another birdy day

Tina and I skipped out of work a bit early today and did some birding at Cibolo City Park.  Highlights included chasing a Winter Wren, 6...

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Another new yard bird…

Wondering if spring migration has begun?  We woke up to a new yard bird this am.. about 6-7 Lark Sparrows made an appearance and have been...

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Enjoying the Adventure

Ben & Tina, Christmas 2016

This site chronicles the adventures of Ben & Tina Wilson.

Stay tuned

Ben Wilson

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