Kenya 2013

600mm_lensAfter more than 2 years, I finally sat down and pulled together a photo album and slide show from our trip to Kenya in the summer of 2013. There were many things that made this trip special including borrowing a 600mm camera lens from our friend and guide Dave Richards.

On December 10th, I will be presenting this slide show at the Saint Paul Audubon Society December meeting. If you live in the area, I invite you to join us at the Fairview Community Center, 1910 W. County Road BRoseville, MN @ 6:45pm.

H2H 2015 Photos

H2H ride on the MRT

Paul, Ben and Tim at the Coon Rapids Dam

A group photo album has been put together on Flickr from our 475+ mile bike ride in August.  We traveled for 7 days from Itasca State park to the Iowa border with Minnesota following the Mississippi River has closely has possible.  The bike route iss signed as part of the national MRT (Mississippi River Trail) which runs from Minnesota to the end of the river in Louisana,

If you’d like to view more pictures from our trip, visit Flickr

Planning our Cuban Adventure

Tina and I have paid a deposit to hold a spot on a spring 2016 birding adventure to Cuba.  I have wanted to visit Cuba since the 1960’s when I discovered cars.  A friend and local birder, Dr. Bob Holtz has put together a 10 day trip visiting Cuba’s Western Mountains, the Zapata Swamp, the Atlantic Archipelago and Colonial Havana.  The map below shows spots that we will be visiting.

Fun facts:

  • Total recorded birds: 366
  • Endemics: 26
  • Endemic sub-species 25
  • Breeding native species: 148
  • Number of regular migratory birds: 180
  • Winter residents: 125
  • Summer residents: 14

Caribbean Conservation Trust

The Caribbean Conservation Trust is planning the logistics. The CCT’s regional scope includes the study of neo-tropical migrant bird species moving between North America and the greater Caribbean region, focusing on birds from the east and mid-west of the United States.  The U.S. Department of Treasury has provided a license for conducting bird conservation work in Cuba to the CCT, a U.S. based organization committed to the conservation of endemic and migratory birds and their habitats in the greater Caribbean region.