Exploring Vadnais Lake Trails

Tina and I hiked 5 miles today, exploring some of the trails surrounding Vadnais Lake.  We also detoured thru the woods to find the back of our new home.  17 bird species including swans and Pied Bill Griebs.

Fall Ducks arriving

Yesterday on a bike ride, I spun around Vadnais Lake to see if any of the fall flocks had started to arrive.  The south end of the lake at a couple of hundred ducks, but without binocs, I was unable to tell if it was more than Mallards.

Fall Ducks Arriving

Fall Ducks Arriving – Mostly Ring-necked


Reactivating my Blog

I recently noticed that I have only posted 3 times this past year to my blog.  Working full time, running a small web design biz on the side , grandkids, cycling, Facebook, etc. have all taken a bit of my day and the blog went by the way side.  I’m not even sure if anyone actually still reads this site.  If you happen to see this post, let me know.

Lake Vadnais MapSeveral of my friends including my brother have quit using FB but still want to keep in touch with our family adventures so I have decided to reactivate this site.  I will look for and install a decent Word Press plugin that will display posts on my FB and Twitter pages so I don’t have to manage multiple sites.  NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster plugin.

Another reason I decided to reactivate this blog was to chronicle the end of and beginning of  chapters in my life.  After 8 years in our home in Arden Hills, MN, Tina and I have found a new place to call home with a much bigger back yard.  Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we will be moving to Vadnais Heights (about 4 miles east of our present place).  The backyard buts up against Vadnais Sucker Lake Regional Park (a 1,200+ 52 acre regional park).  X marks the spot

Stay Tuned.

Terry goes viral

My son brought this image to my attention last Saturday.  Marcel thought it looked like my friend Terry.  We then set out for a bit of detective work to see where it came from.

Terry & baeg

Last week, an image of Terry appeared on a site called imgur.com > ttp://imgur.com/gallery/ISD1BlT

The source was listed as Reddit.com > http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/1xo7kt/a_bald_eagle_with_a_broken_wing_being_rescued_in/

We wondered where had the original image had come from and discovered it had been posted on Wired.com April 2013 > http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2013/04/this-week-in-wild-animals_1/

Wired had found it on a local site in Mora:  (The original)


The photographer was Kirsten Blake of the Kanabec County Times

After we found the original, we went back and asked Google where else it appears on the net and found it in numerous other places including petslady.com, birdcontrolnews.com and whitewolfpack.com. It is also posted all over Facebook.

Google.com image search results

Fun to see how an image floats around the internet.

More images from the rescue on April (15th), 2013 in Mora Minnesota