Finding my new home.

Tina and I closed on a new home yesterday are spending the week moving all of our stuff. If you want to stop by and see us, you may need a GPS or a guide dog.  I had to keep looking at the map to remember which dead end I was on.  Note: It’s Woodview Ct, not Woodridge.

Ragbrai 2014

Article written by Tim McClelland


What is RAGBRAI? The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, it’s an annual seven-day bicycle ride across the state. I’m proud to say I participated and completed this year’s ride with two of my co-workers (L-R) Al & Dan and my longtime friend Ben.


Al, Dan, Ben and Tim

Here are a few facts about RAGBRAI; it’s the oldest (42nd year), the largest

(20,000+riders) and longest bicycle touring event in the world. This year’s ride started in Rock Valley and ended in Guttenberg. Total mileage: 418 miles and a total climb: 11,316 ft. Continue reading

Rufous Hummingbird

Over the wire, I read:

“Just a little update – for those of you who are interested, the male Rufous Hummingbird is still coming to our feeder today. You are welcome to look at it at 2024 Fairmount Ave., St. Paul. Thanks for all of your suggestions. We will be sure that the feeder is out and not frozen for as long as it appears.

I drove the 15 minutes down to our old Mac-Groveland neighborhood and found 12-15 mostly middle aged men gathered in a front yard.  ” He was just here” I hear one state.  I set up my camera and 10 minutes later a semi-lost Rufous Hummingbird appears.

My 238th Minnesota bird

Berlin Revisited

Today is the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Memories flooded my brain from my short stint living in one of my favorite cities.  In September 1976, Tina and I met in Kreuzberg, just off the corner of Wrangelstrasse and Falckensteinstrasse.  I did not own a camera in 1976, so my images from that period are very limited.  This morning, I began gathering photos from the internet in an attempt to relive some of those moments. Continue reading