Fighting Brain Rot

Feb 5, 2008 | Personal

Read a great post this am about fighting “Brain Rot”. Alex Shalman defines it as “It’s when you forcefully stuff too much of the wrong information into your brain, to the point where both your thinking and behavioral patterns become highly disturbed.”

By continuing to do as we always have, the quality of results will be the same as always. Only when we step out of our comfort zones, and push ourselves to improve, will we gain useful new experiences, knowledge, and ideas. Expanding your mind doesn’t mean your skull is going to become larger or that your brain is going to grow. What happens is our brain becomes denser with neuronal connections, which facilitates both more memory, and speed of retrieval.

Alex suggests a list of activities to expand the mind, and his number one item is to

Questioning Everything. It’s certainly much easier to accept information that comes to us, instead of questioning it and being succeptable to having to think. Have you ever wondered why a flower is a certain color, why someone said they like us, where someone got a percentage from (73% of all percentages are made up), or why a certain Presidential candidate is REALLY worth our vote?

Enjoy the day.

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