The California Quail (1,000th)

This past weekend I visited my brother in Hood River, OR for a weekend of mountain biking and beer tasting. One of the unexpected surprises were California Quail, a lifer bird (my 1,000th) sitting in Tim’s front yard.  Tim has had as many as 30 quail in his yard...

Warbler Weekend 2013

Tina and I just spent a cold and windy weekend in Frontenac and Lake City, MN.  The middle of May is the height of spring bird migration and there is no better place to be than Frontenac.  Birds using the Mississippi River as a flyway stop along the way to...

Pectoral Sandpipers (#999)

My friend and birding extraordinaire John Dillon helped me identify these guys as Pectoral Sandpipers.  The image is from our recent trip to Quivera National Wildlife Refuge. There is one Least Sandpiper in the flock.  Can you find it?

Horned Grebe’s on Long Lake

Thanks to a phone call from friend Judy Mikolai, we counted 40+ Common Loons and over 60 Horned Grebes on Long Lake Saturday.  Most were quite far out on the water, but several Grebes came near shore for a quick photo.

More fun in the Backyard

With colder than normal temps, lingering snow cover and spring migration in full swing, the backyard feeders have been quite busy over the past several weeks. Even our first Warbler!

Winter birds in April

Pine Siskin and (Hoary) Redpoll With a prediction for one last spit of snow this evening, winter still lingers in Minnesota.  The backyard and feeders are still full of our winter guests including Juncos, Pine Siskins and Redpolls.  (The redpoll on the right...