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Coyotes in Como Park

I stopped by Como Park this morning to see if I could find reported Cackling Geese in the midst of hundred’s of Canada Geese.  I was surprised...

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Happy Ending

On Oct 22nd, Tina and I were asked to drive a barred owl to Balsam Lake, Wi for a release.  On the way to Wisconsin, we received a report of a...

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back from Ecuador

I am in the process of downloading and keywording over 2,000 images from last week.  Tina and I joined my folks for a spectacular...

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Fall Migration in Chicago

In early October, Tina and I visited some friends in Chicago.  The 4 of us spent a delightful weekend hiking nearby nature preserves and...

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Update on the Grandchildren

Several people have reminded me lately, that 99% of my images and posts are of birds.  Once in a while, I should post images of the real...

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Flying 09-581

On October 22nd, Tina and I transported a Bald Eagle to the Twin Cities from western Wisconsin. The eagle had hit a car and had some bleeding from...

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Enjoying the Adventure

Ben & Tina, Christmas 2016

This site chronicles the adventures of Ben & Tina Wilson.

Stay tuned

Ben Wilson

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